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Ortum Mission Hospital School of Nursing offers Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing which takes a period of 3 years. It enables learners to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to provide the highest realistic standard of nursing care. It has 3 departments which include general nursing, midwifery and community health.

  • ◉ General Nursing: This involves provision of nursing care to children, adults and elderly in various settings

  • ◉ Midwifery: This involves provision of maternity and other reproductive health care services to clients

  • ◉ Community Health: This involves provision and management of comprehensive health nursing services to individuals, families and communities in rural and urban settings

Admission Requirements

Ortum Mission Hospital School of Nursing bases its entry requirements on the guidelines from the Nursing Council of Kenya student admission criteria as follows:

  1. 1. Minimum entry age: 17 years on the last birthday.

  2. 2. Minimum educational standards:

    •   ◉ Aggregate K.C.S.E: C (Plain) or K.C.E Division II
    •   ◉ Mandatory subjects: C (Plain) or Credit in English or Kiswahili and C (Plain) or Credit in Biology or Biological Sciences
    •   ◉ Additional subjects: C– (minus) or Pass in any of the following subjects: Physical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics

  3. 3. Other requirements relating to physical fitness, medical examination and criminal record as prescribed by the Nursing Council of Kenya

Application and admission

Admission for new students is done in March and September each year. Application for admission is done on the admission form that can be obtained from the school or downloaded from the link below.

You can also apply send your application through the registration page

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